Designed to support teachers and trainers introduce new techniques and practical skills across over 23 curriculum areas from digital construction to industry 4.0 through to joinery to challenge and stretch students and apprentices, in developing occupational expertise and transferable skills like problem solving and critical reflection.

Beginner level modules support learners in their initial skills development, Advanced modules focus on developing higher technical competencies.  All modules include a resource library with downloadable support files. Technical Masterclasses vary in length from 30 – 90 mins.

Photo of Isaac competing internationally in the Manufacturing Team Challenge

Technical Masterclasses (for advanced users)

You can access the Technical Masterclasses from our Learning Lab.

Technical masterclasses (for beginners)

Benefits to teachers and trainers

  • suitable for students and apprentices working towards a range of technical and vocational specialisms

  • support the development of knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary to carry out complex tasks to high standards of technical competence and quality

  • introduce lean principles to showcase the importance in improving efficiency, waste management and work organisation

  • support practical problem solving and critical reflection on experience, including learning from mistakes

  • structured approach to increase aspiration, confidence, reward, and recognition with certificate on completion.

Digital credentials

We believe you should have a record and be recognised for the skills you have developed from your experiences with WorldSkills UK. It’s why we issue digital credentials powered by Credly. Each credential is a verified skills record stored on a Credly profile page ready to share across your professional networks.

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I like that you can use the Hub to support some students with self-directed work, whilst spending time with two or three others in a group at the same time.

Richard Hutchins, the Institute of Motor Industry

The Hub resources are interactive and help with creating meaningful discussions. I think they engage the student because they’re dynamic, colourful and animated. It’s not just words!

Kristen Henderson at Lakefield Hospitality College

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