The Centre of Excellence, the first of its kind launched in the UK, draws on our unique insights into global skills systems and utilises NCFE’s expertise in curriculum development to mainstream excellence in skills development. 

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The four strands of the Centre

NCFE Partnership

We have partnered with NCFE the educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning committed to powering a smarter education eco-system. We combine over 170 years of education experience with deep insight into what is needed and what works. From world-class qualifications and content to new assessment methodologies, from innovative technology platforms to partnership opportunities with our network of expert collaborators. We galvanise the education sector to shape the smartest solution for individual learning needs. In doing this, we’re working for a fairer education system for all learners to power inclusivity and choice.

Early indicators of success


of educators say it’s had a positive impact on their motivation to improve their teaching and training practice


of educators say it’s given them more confidence in teaching their skill or subject


of educators say it will enhance their expertise and knowledge of latest innovations in their skill area

How it will make a difference

Photo of Educational Institution

For institutions

Inspire excellence in teaching, learning and assessment and advocate for world-class skills in every setting to support continuous improvement and innovation to develop high performing and qualified apprentices and students ready for work.

Frazer Minskip, high-performance coach, at Doncaster College

For educators

Enhance teaching practice and play an influential role in the development of young people with exposure to world-class insights, access to advanced techniques in skills development and technical learning.

Photo of young competitors at WorldSkills

For learners

Raise levels of achievement for students and apprentices by boosting formal attainment and motivation so students and apprentices aspire to skills excellence and support the development of a deeper understanding of skills for the world of work.

Meet our Skills Coaches

Our team of High-Performance Skills Coaches will lead the delivery of a transformative knowledge and skills transfer programme. They will work with 200 educators from 40 colleges during the pilot to transform the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, embedding world-class practices and techniques

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