The four strands of what we do

NCFE Partnership

We have partnered with NCFE, a leading provider of educational services and not-for-profit organisation. With a shared ambition to develop world-class educators, we hope that more young people, from all backgrounds, will be inspired to take up apprenticeships and technical education as a prestige route to success.

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How it will make a difference

Photo of Educational Institution

For institutions

Inspire excellence in teaching, learning and assessment and advocate for world-class skills in every setting to support continuous improvement and innovation to develop highly performing and qualified apprentices and students ready for work.

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For educators

Enhance teaching practice and play an influential role in the development of young people with exposure to world-class insights, access to techniques in skills development and enhanced approaches to standard setting and assessment.

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For learners

Raise levels of achievement for students and apprentices by boosting formal attainment and motivation so students and apprentices aspire towards skills excellence and support the development of a deeper understanding of skills for the world of work.

Meet our Skills Coaches

Our team of High-Performance Skills Coaches will lead the delivery of a transformative knowledge and skills transfer programme. They will work with 200 educators from 40 colleges during the pilot to transform the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, embedding world-class practices and techniques

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