Our Privacy Promise


Who we are and what we do

We are WorldSkills UK – a partnership between businesses, education and Government with a core aim of accelerating young people’s careers to give them the best start in work and life.

As part of what we do, we collect different types of information directly from people in the UK who interact with us and also indirectly, i.e. data about the reach of our online services. We do this thoughtfully and with care, and this is the place where we tell you what we do, why and for how long.

We are always willing to discuss how we use your information. Hopefully this document will tell you everything you need to know, but if you have further questions, please contact dpo@worldskillsuk.org

WorldSkills UK is a registered charity (Charity number 1001586) and company limited by guarantee (company number 02535199). The registered address is WorldSkills UK, 332 Third Floor, 25 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1LW.

The Legal Bits

WorldSkills UK as an organisation currently offers services only to UK residents, i.e. students, apprentices, educators and training providers based in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As such, our data protection policies and proceedures are based on the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the UKGDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). Where there are additional applicable laws and guidelines which regulate how we use and manage data, we also follow these.

If we make changes to our privacy promise we will show you what they are here. If these changes are significant, we may also choose to email relevant individuals with new details. If we are required by law, we will obtain your consent to make these changes.

Personal Data in our organisation

We collect personal data:

  • To enable us to deliver the services you request, such as booking tickets for one of our events or signing up for regular communications via our newsletter.
  • To manage registrations for our competitions and the competitors who progress into the national and international teams.
  • To communicate with our stakeholders and commercial partners.
  • To carry out research and insight that enables us to create appropriate outreach programmes and meet our funding obligations.
  • To provide answers to your questions and deliver information that you have requested
  • for our internal record keeping.
  • To talk to you about other similar services and products we offer that might be of interest to you.
  • When you use our online services and tools.

Our promise to you

Data protection laws are complicated things, and they instruct us to tell you very specific things. Our aim is to do this in a way that conveys how seriously we take our responsibilities and make it all just a bit more user-friendly..

  1. Looking after your personal information matters to us. We make sure that  we have appropriate security measures in place, and that the organisations we work with to provide a service meet the same standard as us.
  2. We will respect your privacy. We don’t share your information with others for commercial reasons. We will make sure that the boxes you need to tick if you are happy to receive marketing or other communications are presented clearly and at an appropriate time.
  3. We will make it clear at the point when we request your information, what we are collecting it for and how we are going to use it.
  4. We will collect and use your personal information only if we have your permission or we have sensible business reasons for doing so.
  5. We will collect the smallest amount of information possible from you to enable you to fully access all of the products and services which WorldSkills UK offers.
  6. We will be clear in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use it.
  7. We will use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected and we will make sure we store and delete it securely.
  8. Some of our work enables individuals to communicate with one another via forums and messaging options. Please remember that if you interact in these environments that what you write can be read by others.
  9. If we, our service providers, or our commercial partners transfer any information out of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant legal safeguards in place.

How long do we keep information for?

Sometimes a bigger authority than us, says we have to keep it for a certain amount of time. So we do as we are told.

Otherwise we determine the length of time we keep your data, based on why you gave it to us in the first place. For example if you visited one of our events, we’d keep your information, to let you know about the next one.

When we don’t need to keep your data anymore, we do one of three things:

  • we erase it
  • we keep a small amount because we have to, and keep it safe, sometimes disguising it
  • if you say you don’t want to hear from us ever again, we keep the minimum amount information to make sure we leave you alone.

Who we share your data with

We do not and will not, sell or share your data at any time to anyone else for their own marketing purposes.

If you are a visitor or potential visitor to one of our events, we will share your details with our contracted communication partners so that they can:

  • tell you about upcoming events
  • direct you to the places where you can book tickets
  • keep you up to date with what is happening at the events, including sending you the latest news.

If you are an exhibitor or sponsor at one of our events, we will share your details with our approved suppliers in the below areas:

  • core exhibition services (stand build, electrics, graphics, furniture and lighting)
  • venue services (catering, room hire, gas, water & waste, barriers, cleaning etc) – The NEC Birmingham
  • IT and internet
  • freight, lifting & storage
  • audio visual equipment.

If you are a competitor at one of our events, we will share your details with:

  • the competition organising partner responsible for making a competition happen
  • training managers and training manager assistants
  • training Managers, assistant training managers, physio, psychologist, performance coaches
  • other specialists and organisations commissioned by WorldSkills UK in supporting a competitor to take part in the WorldSkills UK Training & Development Programme.

If you are a user registered on our online learning platform the WSUK Learning Lab, we will share your details with:

  • technical administrators and user support staff at the WSUK Learning Lab
  • technical contractors and commercial partners where it is required to carry out their work with WSUK
  • If you’re an educator, we may share your details with our points of contact with responsibility to manage your organisation’s account on the Learning Lab

If you’re a learner, we may share your details with the educator, such as a tutor or manager, with a responsibility for you at your college, university or training provider

Children’s data

We do not knowingly collect or store any personal information of children under the age of 16, because the mechanisms whereby we collect personal information are not applicable to this age group.

The WorldSkills UK Learning Lab

When you register on the Learning Lab we will ask you for your details including name and email address which will enable you to create a login.

You will then be asked to complete a registration process. This will collect some information about you that will enable us to tailor the services provided more closely to your needs.
We process this data as part of our contract with you to deliver the courses and learning you request within the Learning Lab.

You will also be asked for some personal data that relates to your ethnicity, sexual orientation and details of any disability. Answering these questions is not compulsory but if you do volunteer the information after being told what it is being used for on the form you will have given your consent for its processing.
The reason we collect this information is that we are a grant-funded organisation and it is imperative that we show the partners who fund our work that opportunities are open to all. It also enables us to look closely at the services we provide to measure if there are any biases which we can correct or if there are communities who need greater outreach or support.
We don’t use this information to specifically identify or make decisions about individuals. It is separated and used in an anonymous form for any analysis we do.

We may also use your telephone number to contact you if there is an issue with your registration or to ask you to give us feedback about the Learning Lab so that we can improve the courses and services offered. We believe that this is a legitimate interest which is of real benefit to you, however if you do not want to hear from us in this way we will always give you the opportunity to opt out.

When you participate in a course, take an assessment or complete a task, this information will be stored in your student record as part of our contract to deliver the courses as per your request.

The website uses cookies to facilitate its functionality, particularly with regards to your preferences.  Cookies are small packets of data that are stored on your device(s). Other than strictly necessary cookies, you have a choice as to whether or not to accept these and you can find out more on our Cookie Policy.

We use JISC best practive and guidelines for the management of student records. As part of our commitment to lifelong learning, we retain details about each individual learner, i.e. name, courses studied, CPD gained and test results ad infinitum.

Otherwise, we determine the length of time we keep your data, based on why you gave it to us in the first place. When we don’t need to keep it anymore, we do one of three things:

  • we erase it
  • we keep a small amount because we have to, and keep it safe, sometimes disguising it
  • if you say you don’t want to hear from us ever again, we keep the minimum amount information to make sure we leave you alone.

The technology partner contracted to deliver the Learning Lab on behalf of WorldSkills UK is Virtual College Ltd, Marsel House, Stephensons Way, Ilkley LS29 8DD

All servers hosting the data for the service are based in the UK.


Cookies are little packets of data that sit on our website, in some cases to make it work, and in some cases to add additional services. For more information about cookies, how to look after them, even how to turn them off, please visit our page on cookies.

Google analytics

We use Google Analytics on our sites for anonymous reporting of site usage and for advertising on the site. If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics monitoring your behaviour on our sites please use this link. 

Your rights and our responsibilities

We do our best to look after your data, and this means you can ask us to make some changes, either to the information itself or to the way we handle it. You can ask us to:

  • Make changes to information which is out of date or incorrect (rectification)
  • Stop sending you information about WorldSkills via email (objection)
  • Stop processing your information while we solve a problem (restriction)
  • Delete all of the information we hold about you (erasure)
  • Give you access to all of the information we hold about you (access request)
  • Give you your information in a useable electronic format so that you can use it elsewhere (portability)

When you make a request, we may ask you for some specific information to help us confirm your identity and ensure you may exercise these rights. We will make it easy and secure for you to share this information with us. There is no charge for an access request and we will respond  within one calendar month.

Please be aware that there may be some circumstances where we can’t do what you ask us to because the law doesn’t allow it. There may also be occasions where an access request will take a little longer than normal.  If this is the case we will let you know.

If you make a compliant request to erase all of your data, we will no longer be able to fulfil any request to provide supporting information with regards to your course participation.

To make changes to, or update your personal information, access it or ask us to change the way we contact you please email us.

We are registered as a controller with the ICO – Information Commissioner’s office.
Our Registration number is: Z8810460
Our Data Protection Officer is: Data Oversight, King’s Head House, 15 London End, Beaconsfield HP9 2HN
Telephone: 0800 6120742
Email: dpo@worldskills.org

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled a request regarding your information, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – details of which are given below:
Information Commissioner’s Office 
Telephone: +44 303 123 1113

Privacy Promise version

This privacy promise was updated in July 2023

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