You will start by learning about the 7-steps to developing excellence in your area of study, as well how you can improve your productivity, work organisation and management in the Engineering sector.

Once you have completed these stages, watch an 11-part video demonstration on creating models in the simplest way that are easy to change and update if needed. The masterclass then guides you to perform the tasks shown in the videos and offers a set of downloadable resources to assist you.

Suitable for Level 3 (level 6 in Scotland) learners, this masterclass takes around 3 hours to complete. You are required to successfully answer a series of multiple choice questions at the end of your learning before being awarded a downloadable WorldSkills UK certificate.

Learning outcomes

In this technical masterclass, you will learn to:

  • create accurate 2D sketches and 3D models

  • utilise tools and techniques to increase productivity

  • model a range of components

  • create fully constrained parts

  • utilise modification tools to improve productivity

  • identify the most suitable modelling process for a range of components

  • explore hotkeys and the marking menu to improve productivity

  • learn how to create accurate part models quickly.

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