We help educators support their student's career development

These resources and tools will support educators and careers professionals to inspire their students in the early stages of their career exploration. Focusing upon how to identify apprenticeship and technical education pathways they will provide careers, personal development and technical skill information that will inspire, inform and engage learners in a virtual or physical environment.

Develop your skills

Developing excellence in teaching and training: CPD event

Our interactive online CPD event, in partnership with ETF, will help TVET educators advance their teaching skills and introduce innovative ways to develop excellence in training students and apprentices.

Through practical workshops and discussions, we will be bringing expertise from our global network of experts back to UK educators as well as showcasing industry partners and the very best expertise of those within the UK.

Skills Development Hub

The Skills Development Hub host a series of tools and resources designed to support you in your teaching practice and to inspire and develop excellence in students and apprentices

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