You will start by learning about the 7-steps to developing excellence in your area of study, as well as how you can improve your productivity, work organisation and management in the hospitality and lifestyle sector.

Once you have completed these stages, work through a detailed demonstration of techniques for stem taping, wiring plant materials and forming units in a single binding point. The Masterclass then guides you to perform the tasks shown in the demonstration and offers a set of downloadable resources to assist you.

Suitable for level 3 (level 6 in Scotland) learners, this masterclass takes around 2 hours to complete. You are required to successfully answer a series of multiple choice questions at the end of your learning before being awarded a downloadable WorldSkills UK certificate.

Learning outcomes

In this technical masterclass, you will learn to:

  • identify the reasons why a florist uses stem tape

  • note the key differences in the qualities and use of each tape

  • apply tape evenly and consistently

  • analyse the standard of the finished wire

  • increase commercial speed without loss of quality of finish

  • develop your skill base by mastering different sized gauge wires

  • create a symmetrical decorative shoulder corsage.

Digital credentials

We believe you should have a record and be recognised for the skills you have developed from your experiences with WorldSkills UK. It’s why we issue digital credentials powered by Credly. Each credential is a verified skills record stored on a Credly profile page ready to share across your professional networks.

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