You will start by learning about the 7-steps to developing excellence in your area of study, as well as how you can improve your productivity, work organisation and management in the hospitality and lifestyle sector.

Once you have completed these stages, work through a detailed step-by-step demonstration to practise some of the essential practical skills in this area, including the safe use of equipment and cold repairing steel and aluminium panels and the mechanical fastenings that need to go along side this, as well as the importance of correct interoperating technical data and data sheets to ensure correct safety and performance of the repairs.

This masterclass can be divided into separate sub-tasks, offering more opportunities for learners to develop and improve their skills even further.

You are required to successfully answer a series of multiple choice questions at the end of your learning before being awarded a downloadable WorldSkills UK certificate.

Learning outcomes

In this module, you will learn to:

  • understand the process to correctly set up equipment and use it

  • apply various common mechanical fastenings correctly

  • remove mechanical fastenings correctly

  • replace mechanical fastenings and accident damage

  • understand how to read and follow technical data sheets and MSDS.

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