This module gives you the opportunity to practise using engine diagnostic systems and will guide you to consult live data, find vital information, and identify faults using the many tools at your disposal. You will also use the Electude simulator to complete a work order for a defective injector with too high resistance.

The module takes around 90 minutes to complete. You will be continually tested as you work your way through the module, with a series of quizzes and other activities. Once you have completed all sections successfully, you will be awarded a downloadable WorldSkills UK certificate.

Learning outcomes

In this module, you will learn to:

  • understand how heavy vehicle engine mechanical systems operate

  • understand testing methods used to check the operation of engines

  • perform heavy vehicle inspection techniques used in maintenance of engines

  • perform an injector resistance test.

Digital credentials

We believe you should have a record and be recognised for the skills you have developed from your experiences with WorldSkills UK. It’s why we issue digital credentials powered by Credly. Each credential is a verified skills record stored on a Credly profile page ready to share across your professional networks.

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