You will start by learning all the basic concepts and drawings used in this industry. You will then watch a former competitor creating a 3D spur gear component and an assembly model from a drawing. You will have the chance to complete a stretch activity to practise these skills and discuss your performance with your tutor. This module also has interactive activities throughout the module to help you practise what you learn as you go along.

This module includes a resources section where you can access and download the images and drawings used in the different activities.

The module can take from 2 to 3 hours to complete, depending on previous technical knowledge. After you have worked through the learning, you need to successfully answer a series of multiple-choice questions before being awarded a downloadable WorldSkills UK certificate.

Young person competing in Mechanical Engineering CAD competition

Learning outcomes

In this module, you will learn to:

  • identify which type of drawing is used for a particular situation

  • describe what types of drawings there are and the differences in information they contain

  • extract the relevant information from drawings

  • recall a range of symbols used in drawings

  • explain dimensions and tolerancing

  • discuss geometric data on a drawing.

Digital credentials

We believe you should have a record and be recognised for the skills you have developed from your experiences with WorldSkills UK. It’s why we issue digital credentials powered by Credly. Each credential is a verified skills record stored on a Credly profile page ready to share across your professional networks.

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