What are the next international competitions?

Photo of Callum competing internationally in the Painting and Decorating Competition

WorldSkills Shanghai 2022

In response to the global challenge of 2020, WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 has been postponed by one year and this will allow for all member countries to recalibrate their competition activity, in readiness for the 46th WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai 12-17 October 2022.

Photo of Shea competing internationally in the landscape gardening competition

EuroSkills 2023

Team UK will be training hard with the aim of maintaining a top ten position in the medal table, achieved in EuroSkills Budapest in 2018.

International success

Competing in WorldSkills provides us with rich insights into the skills systems and practices to develop excellence in young people, in 80 different countries and regions.  The valuable lessons we draw from benchmarking our performance is invaluable and through the Centre of Excellence, we will transfer these lessons in pursuit of mainstreaming excellence across technical and vocational education.


Photo of WorldSkills Educator working in partnership

Our training managers and performance and wellbeing team

Our training team are highly motivated experts  and coaches from across education, training and performance psychology with a passion for developing high-impact training programmes that accelerates the growth of young people’s skills from national competitions to world-class standards of excellence.

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