Transferring global insights to drive standards

Our international training team are transferring unique insights from global standards to support and invigorate development of technical and vocational qualifications in the UK.

When are the next international competitions?

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

From 10-15 September 2024,  Our WorldSkills UK Team members will be competing with 1,500 competitors from around the world in 60 skills with over 250,000 visitors in attendance at the 47th WorldSkills International Competition in Lyon, France.

International success

Competing in WorldSkills provides us with rich insights into the skills systems and practices to develop excellence in young people, in 88 different countries and regions.  The valuable lessons we draw from benchmarking our performance is invaluable and through the Centre of Excellence, we will transfer these lessons in pursuit of mainstreaming excellence across technical and vocational education.


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