Competence to excellence - raising standards in teaching and learning

A live discussion and workshop for educators to develop a deeper understanding between the difference in competence and excellence across vocational areas and the practical methods to embed excellence into curriculum delivery to raise standards in teaching and learning.

Learning outcomes:

  • confidently define the difference between competence and excellence and raised awareness of different standards/levels of competence to improve quality of work
  • identify the need for all learners to be engaged in a journey from competence to excellence
  • explore practical methods to embed excellence in delivery of teaching and training
  • explore resources to enhance and develop practice beyond the CPD event.
Photo of Haydn receiving Gold in the Aircraft Maintenance Competition

Olympian mindset: developing transformational coaching skills for professional development

A live discussion and workshop for educators to develop and perfect transformational coaching skills to enhance teaching and learning practice.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand the principles of transformational coaching and its place in the wider context of professional development in education and training
  • reflect on outstanding practice that exists around the UK across education and sport
  • develop coaching and mentoring techniques designed to support students and apprentices to become more reflective, resilient and innovative in achieving their own goals and targets
  • explore tools and resources to implement a pedagogical coaching approach.

Olympian mindset: introduction to practical tools and solutions to raise the quality of teaching and learning

A live discussion and workshop for educators to learn about enhanced teaching methods, tools and resources to contribute towards raised performance and outcomes for students and apprentices.

Learning outcomes:

  • learn about practical methods to apply psychological characteristics to developing excellence into teaching practice
  • discover strategies to promote self-evaluation and reflection to support independent learning
  • explore tools and resources to enrich curriculum planning and delivery.
Squad UK bootcamp

Enhancing teaching practice through skills competitions to raise aspirations and outcomes

A live discussion to introduce practical solutions to embed excellence in curriculum planning and delivery, through skills competition to advance technical and vocational learning in students and apprentices of all abilities.

Learning outcomes:

  • grow confidence on how to facilitate a pressurised testing environment to develop employability skills supporting formative and summative assessment
  • improve curriculum delivery with an innovative and exciting approach to challenging and stretching students and apprentices
  • promote independent learning and improved levels of self esteem
  • increase levels of engagement, attendance and retention in students and apprentices.
Young person competing in Industrial Control competition

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