Technology to support teaching methods

A live session and workshop for educators to learn about the existing and new productivity tools within technology and software that are already available to educators to support their learners in their everyday learning environment.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand Technology that strengthens specialist education support for SEND learning environments
  • explore how to assess vocational and practical learning.
Photo of accounts looking at charts on computer screens

Emerging technologies to support future assessment

A live session that will showcase the future technology to help educators with learners with the future of assessments. As existing and emerging technologies are starting to play a role in changing assessment, the future vision is to make assessments smarter and faster.

Learning outcomes:

  • understanding of what the future of assessments will be
  • explore how to assess vocational and practical learning.
Photo of two network systems administrators examining a data centre and holding a computer

Technology to support social mobility

A live discussion and workshop to showcase Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and how it can personalise a student’s learning experience, improve social mobility, engagement and wellbeing

Learning outcomes:

  • understand how Artificial intelligence and systems that can support the student wellbeing and inclusivity for students that may have disengaged and have access barriers
  • explore the right tools and techniques to support learners.
Young people competing in Industrial Robotics competition

Skills for the future

A discussion showcasing digital, the green and advanced manufacturing sectors. This session will provide detail regarding these key areas of growth and what skills are required for educators to be aware of and develop in their learning environments.

Learning outcomes:

  • understanding of future skills and sectors
  • explore how to inspire your students through their learning environments.
Photo of two cyber intelligence officers in a control room with lots of computer screens

Other sessions

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