Overcoming learning barriers

A live discussion designed to share best practices, tools and resources to support educators on understanding the learning barriers students have and how they can support them effectively to raise their performance within their studies.

Learning outcomes:

  • confidently support learners through learning barriers
  • understanding wider influences outside the classroom
  • explore practical methods to adapt style, skills development delivery and behaviours to drive learner performance.
Young person competing in Culinary Arts competition

Supporting learners mental health and wellbeing

A live discussion that will provide guided mental skills development tools and showcase how mental health and wellbeing support can help to raise performance.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand guided mental skills development tools and techniques
  • explore ways to support wellbeing to raise learners performance.
Young person competing in Hairdressing competition

Confronting perceptions

A live discussion and workshop that will discuss the potential perceptions and barriers young people face personally and professionally which affects communication, behaviour and performance. Educators and trainers will hear directly from existing and previous students to appreciate the preceptions they faced and how they can support others to overcome and confront them.

Learning outcomes:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the power of judgement and the positive and negative effect it has on individuals
  • resources and tools to use individually and with others to confront perceptions
  • the affect perceptions have on communication and performance.
Young person competing in Fine Jewellery Making competition

Inclusion in apprenticeships

A live discussion to discuss and share best practice on how employers, apprenticeship providers and colleges can be more inclusive with their learners. The session will include how  employers make the employee environment inclusive, employers and apprenticeship providers talking about how they engage learners and what FE Education can do more to create inclusive environments.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand how they can make the learners environment more inclusive from employers
  • explore ways to support and engage learners.
Young people competing in Mechatronics competition

Other sessions

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