The modules are designed for students and apprentices to introduce the principles of lean to their learning and development to raise awareness and understanding, and ultimately improve how they perform in carrying out a task or work in a streamlined and efficient manner with a focus on excellence and quality.

The modules begin with an introduction to the principles of lean and explores efficiencies in work organisation, management and waste.  Following the module students and apprentices can explore one of five Sector Productivity Skills to better understand how it translates to their vocational area of interest.

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Productivity skills modules

The following modules can now be accessed on the Skills Development Hub. Each module looks at how you can adopt lean principles into your training and development, with examples of how you can do this in your sector.

The Productivity skills modules will:

  • show improvements to speed and quality when completing tasks

  • explain lean principles and the benefits of using this system

  • describe how to identify waste in processes

  • summarise the benefits of removing waste

  • consider the differences between waste and value to create a value stream map

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