Our Mindset Masterclasses are a suite of ten bite sized learning modules and introduces the principles of the Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDE) to develop transferable skills to help students and apprentices become more confident, resilient and agile.

The Mindset Masterclasses for students and apprentices will:

  • advance knowledge, skills, behaviours in a way the educator can measure development and progression
  • inspire progression and development to higher levels of learning
  • develop employability skills and how the adoption of the PCDE principles can be applied in a ‘high pressure’ setting
  • developing invaluable transferable skills to apply learning in any domain; college, work and life.
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The modules

Mindset workshops: sign up today

We are hosting a series of Live Mindset Workshops with Grey Matters UK for students and apprentices to introduce you to the Mindset Masterclasses. Learn more about the workshops in our guide. 

The live sessions will be hosted by Rosie and James who have experience in performance psychology, working with individuals, teams and organisations in applying these principles to achieve optimal performance. Rosie started in motorsport, supporting drivers and pit crews to now working with individuals in sport, performing arts and business and James who has represented Great Britain at the World Championships and London 2012 Olympic Games in Judo is now using his experience and expertise across the performance industry.

Please select ONE date only to register your college and learners. It is important for you to state how many students and apprentices will be attending, so we can manage the session and numbers appropriately.

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