Coaching for High-Performance CPD

The coaching for high-performance CPD programme is designed to greatly benefit educators contributing towards their professional development and enhancing their approach to teaching and learning.  The CPD programme will explore how psychology contributes to maintaining and enhancing high levels of performance and the psychological skills and characteristics of high performers. The professional development offered to educators will respect and build upon their existing expertise.

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The modules

The Coaching for High-Performance CPD will:




  • raise awareness and set building blocks to adopt cutting edge coaching skills

  • guide the implementation of the Mindset Masterclasses for students and apprentices in a post 16 education/ training setting

  • demonstrate how the programme supports evidence and achievement against inspection frameworks.

Coaching for high-performance live session
Audience: educators

Join our performance expert’s Dr Stephanie Tibbert and Dave Collins who will host a virtual workshop and Q&A to support you navigate your way through our new learning resources to implement the principles and practises into your teaching and learning environment.

Date Time
Wednesday 17 March 2021 13:30 – 14:30

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