Coaching for High-Performance CPD

The CPD is designed to support implement the Mindset Masterclasses for students and apprentices, drawing  on approaches and methods used by coaches and educators across high performance environments, and offers an opportunity to build on existing teaching skills whilst providing a range of new ideas, exercises, and tools to develop enhanced practices using a set of mental skills and behaviours; Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDE). The CPD includes activities, videos, animations and downloadable resources to support educators.

The programme consists of nine modules, each taking approx. 15 minutes each, totalling 3 hours. We encourage the CPD to be completed in sequential order to fully benefit from the learning and can be revisited to reinforce your practise or assist with problem solving.

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The modules

Benefits to teachers and trainers:

  • extend your professional development and working with technical and vocational learners

  • reflect on your own teaching practice and identify opportunities to be more impactful across a wider range of learners

  • develop coaching and mentoring approaches designed to support learners to become more reflective, resilient, and innovative in achieving their own goals and targets

  • recognise how to apply the principles of PCDEs to inspire and motivate learners to achieve their potential

  • on completion a certificate is awarded

  • support the implementation of the Mindset Masterclasses for students and apprentices

Digital credentials

We believe you should have a record and be recognised for the skills you have developed from your experiences with WorldSkills UK. It’s why we issue digital credentials powered by Credly. Each credential is a verified skills record stored on a Credly profile page ready to share across your professional networks.

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It’s super useful for any aspects of work and I’d highly recommend the CPD modules to colleagues and training providers.

Paul Powers, Tutor in computing and computing science

I’m looking to improve my own skills, as well as my students’ skills. So, it’s about improving myself before I can improve them.

James Rankin, FE Tutor

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