Many of the challenges that learners could face may relate to factors that you might not realise are a challenge. For some learners, the process of balancing time between education, family, sport, and social life is difficult and they have never had to balance or prioritise life before. For others, a challenge will be asking for help in an environment where they don’t feel confident or managing their emotions when they get a mid-range score in a new class, when they have always been at the top of the class. Regardless of the challenge, this section will highlight many of the challenges that learners face.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • consider the types of challenges that your learners face, in both short-term and the long-term, and how you can support them through these challenges.

This module will take 20 minutes to complete.

The challenges the competitors face, they’re under quite a lot of pressure, a lot of them will be carrying out apprenticeships, a lot of them will be in the workplace, and then with the skills competitions on top of that as well. So, for many of them, it’s about managing
and balancing their time

Dr Stephanie Tibbert, Performance and Wellbeing Team Leader

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