You already possess explicit and implicit skills that you apply to plan, deliver and evaluate your curriculum. Using these skills but adding on the new understanding of typical learner challenges and inspection frameworks mean that you may have to tweak your existing curriculum. One example of how you may adapt your curriculum is to deliberately plan challenge or pressure points throughout the year and work back from these pressure points teaching the necessary PCDEs to meet that challenge. Following the challenge, you can use your skills with debriefing and feedback before repeating the process.

This final module of the Coaching for High-Performance CPD programme will allow educators to tie together knowledge and tools regarding inspection frameworks, teaching strategies, PCDEs and the professional judgement and decision-making approach into a useful teaching package unique to each educator who uses the programme.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • understand how they can set up their systems and manage behaviours to promote the development of the Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDE) alongside technical skills.

This module will take 20 minutes to complete.

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