Understanding what characteristics will help your learner on their journey is one thing but implementing a programme to effectively develop these characteristics is another. Using the tried and tested positive spiral approach known as teach-test-tweak-repeat means you can consider the various ways to sequence teaching methods to maximise what your learners can take from any challenges they face.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • working out prior to the test what problems may come up and teaching those skills (teach)
  • have your learners go through the challenge (test)
  • debrief and identify what skills may be missing (tweak)
  • and then start the process again (repeat).

This module will take 20 minutes to complete.

One of the techniques we use with anybody who’s trying to practise to get better is this mnemonic of Teach, Test, Tweak, Repeat. And the idea, basically, is that we anticipate the challenges someone’s going to face, and we make sure that they’ve got the skills before
they face the challenge, not after, because twenty-twenty hindsight isn’t very useful.

Dave Collins, Research Professor and Director: Grey Matters Performance

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