Although each nation has their own unique educational framework, considerable overlaps exist between nations in terms of desirable learner outcomes. In this module, we highlight three desirable outcomes; resilience, confidence and independence, and identify techniques using the psychological characteristics of developing excellence (PCDE) that can help educators move learners from competence to excellence.

Throughout this module a performance-outcome-process (POP) principle offers support and guidance on how you might design and develop a curriculum approach to enhance these outcomes.

To practise these strategies and develop a sense of competence in using these strategies, educators can work through a variety of scenarios to enhance familiarity with the PCDEs, the POP principle and education inspection frameworks.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • how to demonstrate evidence against inspection frameworks using Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDEs)
  • how to work back from standards and prepare learners for professional challenges
  • understand how they can use outcomes to consider target behaviours.

This module will take 25 minutes to complete.

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