There are various approaches that you can choose to help learners develop the psychological characteristics of developing excellence (PCDE), but it is critical for you as an educator to consider why you would use a specific approach and why you would not use that approach in a different context. In this module, suggestions will be given as to what situations may be most applicable for the specific tools outlined below.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • role, peer and proximal-role modelling
  • the shepherd approach
  • worked examples
  • guiding practice
  • articulation
  • feedback and debriefing.

This module will take 20 minutes to complete.

In my players, there’s a whole range of of skills that we’re trying to develop. I think, ultimately, goal setting is a really important part, and we have what we call an individual learning plan, where we work with players to give them ownership to develop that.

Matt Layton, Lead Youth Development Phase Coach: West Bromwich Albion

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