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WorldSkills UK Career Planning Toolkit

Thank you for registering to use the Career Planning Toolkit. This page will give you digital access to the toolkit and its resources.

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All 10 lessons are available below. You can download them as one document, or just select the lessons that are of most interest. We recommend that you read through the introductory document first to understand the format of the lessons plans and how to adapt the lessons to your students. Each lesson has some supporting documents and videos which can also be found below.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on the Career Planning Toolkit, to help us track the reach to young people and schools. We will send you the short evaluation by email and you will be able to complete it online.

All the lessons in the Toolkit have elements of competition in them and here are some tips to getting started:

  • Discuss what it means to be competitive, how it comes in different guises and forms, and how it can benefit students (lesson 2).
  • Discuss stereotypes in the workplace, why they exist and how they can be overcome (lesson 6).
  • Use the Top Trades Cards in the Toolkit as a fun way of getting students to learn about the earning potential for different careers (lesson 6).
  • Help your students prepare for job applications and interviews by simulating the experience and seeing which student is successful (lesson 4).
  • Test your students’ knowledge of job profiles, apprenticeships and local labour market information (lesson 5).

Download complete Toolkit (all 10 lesson plans)

Additional resources


  • How the toolkit supports schools and guidance on using the lesson plans and resources

    WorldSkills UK and The Careers & Enterprise Company are pleased to introduce this toolkit to help you develop your students’ career planning and employability skills and prepare them for career success. The toolkit brings the WorldSkills competition buzz to career exploration and draws especially from the inspirational messages from the growing network of Skills Champions - young people who have competed in skills competitions at national level. WorldSkills UK commissioned the Career Development Institute (CDI) to develop the toolkit in collaboration with them and with The Careers & Enterprise Company.

    Download the introduction

Lesson 1 - Building My Work Skills

Lesson 2 - Go For Gold

Lesson 3 - Pathfinder

Lesson 4 - Build Your Career Journey

Lesson 5 - Apprenticeships

Lesson 6 - Free To Choose

  • Lesson plan


    The big idea

    Are you free to choose whichever job you want or are your choices limited by other people’s stereotyped attitudes? Having equal chances is important for everyone.

    The benefits


    • Explore the negative impact on equality of opportunity caused by the unbalanced gender make-up of the workforce in some sectors.

    • Consider how some individuals overcome the odds and what might help them do it.

    • Take stock of the progress that has been made in securing choice for all and weigh up the ongoing challenges, not just with gender equality but also with other characteristics including race and religion.

    • Explore a completely new career idea and identify the type of support they would need to make it happen.


    Download Lesson 6: Free To Choose

  • Resource 6.5: Top Trades cards
  • Video: Follow your dreams!

Lesson 7 - Google It?

Lesson 8 - Build Your Web

Lesson 9 - Making The Right Moves

Lesson 10 - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?