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Skill demo: Culinary Arts

In between winning the BBC series Million Pound Menu and being a finalist on the Great British Menu Ruth Hansom finds the time to teach Tom how to cook delicious Beef Gyozas. Using simple, easy to find ingredients each step of the process from making the dough to garnishing with a flourish is covered in detail. Ruth also opens up about what it is like to work in a kitchen, her favourite meal to cook and more!

About this career

Chefs have a good knowledge of all aspects of a modern kitchen including basic butchery, fishmongery and bakery, along with excellent cookery and presentation skills. They will need to be good team players, adaptable, able to respond quickly to changes and respond well to instructions.

You'll be good at this job if:

  • Have excellent time management skills

  • Good at communication

  • Can keep calm under pressure

Young person competing in Culinary Arts competition

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