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Danny competed in WorldSkills UK Cooking Competitions locally, nationally and internationally, eventually landing a prestigious job at Momofuku New York.

Danny from Woolwich competed in WorldSkills UK cooking competitions locally, nationally and internationally. At school Danny was really good in art and design and knew he had a creative side. His parents ran a Chinese takeaway where he helped, and this inspired him into working hard as he saw his father working every day to make a success of the business.

Cooking became a part of Danny’s life as he cooked for his siblings as a chore, but realised cooking was his passion. Danny left school and went to study to be a chef at Westminster Kingsway college to pursue his career as a chef. He realised university was not his only option but going down a vocational route would give him the best experience.

This has opened up many opportunities for Danny by winning gold at Lyle at EuroSkills. This has also opened up opportunities as he is a chef in London, and travelled to New York.

Although I’ve had a very travel-heavy career, moving into New York and many places around London, the medals are one of the only things that always stay on me wherever I go.

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