“I actually think it’s amazing. I think it’s really, really well developed. I’ve worked my way through two courses. One was a larger one about mental health and mindfulness. I think it’s well structured, interesting and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.”

For Paul, the way that the tutor-based content in the Hub is structured is particularly helpful for the way he likes to learn. “The Hub has a balanced approach, and I like that the content is broken down into little chunks. I did most of it on my phone in my spare time. It was something that I was kind of getting addicted to doing because it was so interesting.

I think that the mindset masterclass is so good, and students would benefit from doing it.

Paul was impressed with the Hub from the start, “My first impressions were that I couldn’t actually believe that it was as good as it was. I’m into design and I liked the clean interface. It’s very clear, you know exactly how to get in and how to get out of something. You know that by clicking into the learning module mindset masterclass you’ve got all the information there at the top. It’s easy to pick up and to put down.

“I do a lot of CPD with computing at school, I’m a STEM ambassador and part of a STEM community. I’ve just started with Barefoot ambassadors. I do loads of stuff with Teach Computing and the National Census for Computing Education.

The Hub offers support and help, not just in this role, but in any future role, so I’ve got transferable skills and knowledge, rather than just very specific stuff as well. Like the mindset masterclass it’s transferable. It’s all about how you perceive your role and how to plan, self-regulate, self-organise. It’s super useful for any aspects of work and I’d highly recommend the CPD modules to colleagues and training providers.

Paul believes the Hub and particularly the mindset masterclass would be very useful in the first six weeks of college. “You’ve got things like professional development resources, your organisational skills and stuff like that in there and those are the skills that the students need.”


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