Elaine O’Mahony, Lecturer in Biology and Chemistry

Q. What have you gained from being involved with the programme?

A. Through carrying out the process of performing a
laboratory skills pressure test in a manner through which was started by our WorldSkills Educator I learned that changing the complexity, time and expectations of our students did indeed raise our standards and the expectations of our learners.

Furthermore, I learned through this process and being involved in assessing the regional WorldSkills laboratory practical’s of how to meet best practice in terms of marking these laboratory practical sessions.

Callum Carty, Level 3 Extended National Diploma in Construction

The pressure test developed self-sufficiency and the ability to work independently.

It simulated the workplace and prepared me for employment. It also tested my coping strategies which are affected by pressure and time. All of this combined together, helped me to improve my digital construction skills and progress to complete my qualification.

Lindsay Bronte, Development Manager

Q. How have you implemented the WorldSkills UK pedagogical approaches to curriculum and quality processes across the college?

We have embedded the core pedagogical approaches in the six regional colleges and across a broad range of  curriculum areas aligned the regional Curriculum HUB structure.

This incorporates areas such as Engineering, Construction, Life Sciences, Digital & IT, Health & Social Care, Entrepreneurship (incorporating Hospitality & Tourism). Each educator provides feedback on progress and impact to the aligned curriculum HUB via attendance at HUB meetings. Feedback is provided by the educators to the quality team within their respective college, sharing their experience and feedback from students.

As leaders we have met with the Education and Training Inspectorate who are very interested in this initiative as  quality improvement tool.


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