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CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling

CNC programmer/machinists combine cutting edge design with computer programming and engineering skills to improve the efficiency and quality of today’s production finished products.

From space craft to racing cars to games consoles they help design and manufacture tomorrow’s ideas.


Competition Overview

The CNC Milling competition prepares you for industry by putting you in the role of the CNC machinist. Competitors will work to a set brief and use CNC machine tools to cut, drill, shape and finish products and components used in engineering and manufacturing.
Competitors will be required to download the project brief and submit an initial piece for judging, demonstrating their ability to:

  • Square and true components
  • Manually measure tool offsets
  • Place tools in the machine
  • Use correct work holding (chucks and vices)
  • Use inspection equipment
  • Write a CNC programme 
  • Be familiar with a CAD/CAM system

General Instructions

  1. Maximum working time is 7 hours at regional heats and 7 at the National Final
  2. At the start of the competition an allotted time will be allocated for work planning. This time is not part of the working time.
  3. The competition will consist of 1 module.
  4. All supplied equipment and materials must be accurately checked by the competitor upon commencing the competition.
  5. All materials and equipment must be marked out/used in the most economical method.
  6. Competitors will lose marks for any misplaced, lost or spoiled materials and/or equipment, where this is the result of competitor error.
  7. Minimum marks will not be awarded for dimensional accuracy or technical perfection where instructions have been disobeyed.

Download core competencies

Download assessment summary

Download Competition resources and materials

CNC Milling and CNC Turning Mastercam software downloads.

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Competition organising partner

Competition organising partner

Semta is the competition organising partner for the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling competition.

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