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Ellie from the Grimsby Institute is proud to be part of the Squad UK Hairdressing team. Read on to find out how our training has raised the standards of her technical skills and helped her to progress in her career.

Ellie Mumby had a clear idea about why she should do an apprenticeship as opposed to other forms of learning. ”I was more of a practical learner and found an apprenticeship the best way for me to progress due to constantly being around my skill.”

She was introduced to WorldSkills UK Competitions by her tutor from her day release course in hairdressing, at the Grimsby Institute and competed in the National Finals held at WorldSkills UK LIVE in 2019 at the NEC Birmingham, watched by thousands of spectators. Undaunted by the audience, Ellie finds the best part of competing is, “The atmosphere on completion days”.

It’s not all plain sailing in competition though as she has found. “There have been several technical elements specific to my skill that I’ve come across and not perfected, but I’ve practised as much as possible to improve my knowledge and skill.”

Asked what she has learned from competing Ellie says,

“So so much! How to communicate well, better ways to display my work, greater technical skills, improved personal skills, how to plan and progress. My quality of work has been improved for both salon and competition life.”

Employability skills like these which aside from technical skills, are exactly what employers look for in young professionals. Ellie’s advice to other young people thinking of entering WorldSkills UK Competitions is, “Definitely do it! It’s been the most incredible journey already full of amazing moments and people.”

As a member of Squad UK Ellie is undergoing the skill set and mindset training for which WorldSkills UK is renowned and which helps competitors hone their skills. ”I’m over the moon to have been given such an incredible opportunity to learn and progress. It’s great to meet lots of other people in the same position and learn things from each other.”

If she is selected for Team UK Ellie has the chance to compete at either EuroSkills or WorldSkills and she’s excited at the prospect. “I’ve come so far after working through only the first few month as a squad member. I’ve developed an incredible drive to become the best I can and make it to WorldSkills.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept Ellie from her job but she’s making the best of it. “I’ve had plenty of time to practise for my WorldSkills UK journey. It’s been hard practising at home, but I’ve definitely found lots and lots of benefits from it.” As far as the future is concerned, she’s aiming high. “I’d like to eventually own a salon or to teach my profession to others.”

Ellie believes more young people could benefit from technical education and careers if they only knew what the benefits were and thinks government and educators should promote these more.

Jack Sibley salon proprietor has this to say about Ellie. “Since she has entered the WorldSkills UK programme it has given her so much more confidence and improved her skills in the workplace. She has been with us since she was 16 and has become a huge asset to our salon.

“Not only is she more skilled and learning new techniques we don’t always practise in the day to day salon, her communication with clients and their needs has changed dramatically.

“Entering WorldSkills UK Competitions has helped us widen her clientele in the salon from promoting through social media and her ever-improving skills. We will continue to support her though her competition journey and cannot wait to see what other opportunities it brings.”

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