Hairdressers treat and care for their client’s hair. They give advice on the health of the hair and how it may enhance a clients’ appearance and presence. They cut, style, maintain and colour hair according to a brief. The individual will need to make appointments, order stock and promote products to customers.

A more senior stylist will give advice on minor hair problems as well as scalp issues. The skills that you will need are excellent verbal communication, working well with your hands and others.  Have great customer service skills and flexible to change.

Are creative
Good at working on your own and in a team
Have great communication skills
Have an openness to learning new ideas and techniques
Have great attention to detail

Career opportunities

  • Stylist in salon or other venues

  • Freelancer travelling to clients’ homes

  • Salon manager

  • Training or assessing

  • Theatre / Film / TV

Average Salary
Entry Level
+ 5.7%
Projected workforce change
This is an estimation of the overall number of job opportunities in this career area up until 2027.

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