James Rankin is impressed with the Skills Development Hub’s ease of use. “It’s a good, centralised location to find lots of interesting information. You can explore many different avenues. Overall, there’s a lot of information and it’s very well laid out, very clear and easy to use.”

There are several ways in which the resources can be used to suit different needs, currently James is using it for his own continuing professional development in the fields of electronics and mechatronics and he says, “It has been useful as a source of a great amount of helpful content and there’s an ideal level of information, so you don’t get distracted or bored.

I’m looking to improve my own skills, as well as my students’ skills. So, it’s about improving myself before I can improve them.

The Hub resources can be used on their own and for complementing other CPD programmes as in James’s case. “I think the hub supports what we’re doing with our mentor at the moment. Once we’re finished, we will all access the Hub and go on and complete the units. We’ve managed to make our way around about it nicely and we’re just making sure that we’re using it to its full potential. Already four or five other lecturers have signed up and the idea is to roll it out to other staff members.”


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