What is the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition?

The WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition is a multi-country international skills competition taking place across the globe, with 62 finals in 15 countries and over 1,000 competitors. The competition replaces the traditional biennial event usually held in one city. This year’s WorldSkills competition in Shanghai, scheduled for October, was cancelled due to the pandemic.

WorldSkills UK have the honour of hosting the Manufacturing Team Challenge in Wrexham, Wales on 1-4 November, and the Aircraft Maintenance final in Cardiff, Wales on the same dates.

Throughout the whole of the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, the amazing Team UK will have competed in 11 countries.

Competitions in the UK

Aircraft Maintenance, Cardiff, UK: 31 October - 5 November 2022

We hosted the Aircraft Maintenance finals of the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition in the UK, where 12 competitors from 12 countries who competed for gold in this critical discipline. Ensuring the highest skill level in Aircraft Maintenance helps to ensure the safety of customers and operational personnel while maintaining the reputation of the team or organisation.


Manufacturing Team Challenge, Wrexham, UK: 31 October - 5 November 2022

We were excited to host the finals of the Manufacturing Team Challenge hosted in Wrexham, Wales, focussing on the concept, design, and completion of a manufacturing project as part of an effective and efficient team of specialists. 15 competitors from 5 countries aimed to reach the podium in this key skill for the future of modern manufacturing practices.


Meet Team UK

35 young people were flying the UK flag across the globe, taking part in European competitions such as lab technician and digital construction and competing further afield in cyber security in Korea and welding in America. Find out more about them.

Team UK's performance

From cabinet making to Industry 4.0, we saw medals across a range of disciplines. In fact, all of the incredible Team UK competitors were flying the flag for Britain as a powerhouse in the global Skills Economy.

Find out how they performed in the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition now.


A huge thank you to our training managers

Our training team are highly motivated experts  and coaches from across education, training and performance psychology with a passion for developing high-impact training programmes that accelerates the growth of young people’s skills from national competitions to world-class standards of excellence. Without them, there would be no Team UK, and we want to say a massive thank you to each of them.

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