Today we’re pleased to launch our new Skills Development Hub, which will use insights from our international work to help mainstream excellence in training across the UK.

The online Hub forms part of our ongoing commitment, set out earlier in the year in our five-point plan, to support young people caught up in the Covid crisis. By boosting innovation and excellence in training, we are helping to support more students and apprentices develop the high-quality standard of skills that employers need.

The Skills Development Hub, which is free to access, contains tools and resources that utilise our unique insight into global best practice in skills development. It will support FE colleges and independent training providers to train more and more young people to world-class standards.

The first resources we’re launching

The resources launching as part of the first phase of the Skills Development Hub are:

Coaching for High-Performance, a CPD programme for educators and trainers that explores how psychology contributes to maintaining and enhancing high levels of performance. It will also examine how skills and characteristics of high performers can be developed.

Mindset Masterclasses, which introduces the principles of Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDEs) to help students and apprentices become more confident, resilient and agile. This has been developed in partnership with Grey Matters, who are experts in performance psychology and organisational behaviour.

Centre of Excellence Resource Library, developed in partnership with NCFE, which is a collection of short videos, tools and resources across a range of vocational skills areas. Featuring global insights from WorldSkills UK Training Managers and experts from the international WorldSkills community, the library provides innovations and insights into practices used to developing excellence in young people.

We have seen how high-performance coaching can transform the lives of young people who are on our training programmes. We want to use these insights, combined with the latest global best practices in skills development, to enable more and more young people throughout the UK to benefit from our work. By equipping educators and trainers with the right ideas, practices and tools, we can work with them to set a new level ambition for young people, focusing on excellence as the standard they should expect from technical and vocational education and training.

Parisa Shirazi, Head of Skills Development and International Competitions

Learn more at our workshops

To support FE colleges and independent training providers in using the Mindset Masterclasses and Coaching for High-Performance CPD, we are hosting a series of workshops throughout December until March 2021. Find out more about the workshops and how to attend.

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