A Commercial Makeup artist needs to have a broad range of common skills, but can specialise in different types of makeup and application techniques in order to give a polished, flawless finish to any given brief.

They will be expected to demonstrate their skills as makeup artists within dynamic and challenging media environments, working on precise briefs, against demanding time constraints and within limited working space

The competition focuses on the role and tasks of a Commercial Makeup Artist, working to a given theme, demanding creativity and imagination, excellent attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure – all whilst demonstrating patience, concentration and good time management.

How competing has helped Kane develop his skills.

The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Professional demeanour

  • Safe working practices

  • Professional attitude

  • Effective interaction with the client

  • High level of skill and dexterity

  • Management of time allocation

  • Ergonomic working methods

Contact details

Entry criteria

  • There is no limit to the number of entries per organisation but organisations are strongly encouraged to use the pre-competition activity to introduce their competitors to (and prepare them for) competition work and to select their best representatives.
  • This is an individual competition.
  • Entries will be accepted from competitors who must be familiar with the core competencies below and be currently studying for an appropriate Level 2/3 Makeup qualification.
  • Competitors must be familiar with the core competencies below

How it works

Registrations are now open and close midnight 28th March 2024.

The Entry stage (photographic entry) is the first stage of the competition sent once registration is complete, where you will be expected to produce a fully completed makeup and hair design to the brief given. This stage is to show your grasp of basic commercial makeup as a medium, your creativity and design skills. You should follow the brief fully, you will be marked on your ability to follow the brief.

At this stage you will only be working on the face and head, costume should be used to enhance the look.

Requested pictures and mood boards should be sent by the deadline given, the entry stage closes 26th April 2024.

Successful competitors are invited to the National Qualifiers.

The Qualifier stage (second stage of the competition) is where you will be expected to expand your entry design and produce a creative makeup to the same theme. The design must include use of body paints/makeup as well as makeup and a hair design.

The qualifiers are likely to commence the week of 26th April and will be held across England, including the North East, North West, Walsall and South East.

Makeup should cover face, neck, shoulders and chest/arms. Costume must be used to enhance the design.

Professional Mood Board must be displayed at the live event.

The top 8 competitors across the UK will be invited to the National Final



To help finalists prepare ahead of the UK Final, we will provide relevant technical training and share mindset development techniques, to support them to remain focused on achieving success.

National finals will take place between the 18th-22nd November 2024 in Manchester (venues TBC)

At the National Final final stage of this competition, you will be expected to complete 2 tasks.

1/ You will design a look and create a makeover for a model who will require makeup for a specific event. You will have 1 hour 15 mins to complete the look on your model.

Glue tests will be carried out beforehand and lashes must be used.

You will be marked on your skills of application, design and customer service.

2/ Your second task will be to pre design a creative makeup to a given brief using a combination of beauty and creative makeup, hair styling skills and overall design.

Costume must be used to enhance the look.

A professional mood board must be produced and displayed at the live event.

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