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Training like an Olympian


Our training programme captures the techniques and methodologies used to prepare elite athletes.  

1. Preparation Boot Camps

We recognise individuals involved in our programme benefit greatly from high performance coaching and productivity training, which supports the development and acceleration of positive attributes. It is our vehicle to challenge, stretch and assess behaviours and attitudes, resulting in enhanced performance in the work-place and in a skills competition. 

The boot camps are delivered at key points throughout the programme and consist of:

  • Productivity training: through team-based activities, the boot camps seek to aid improvements to the way individuals perform by challenging, stretching and testing their productivity skills.
  • Performance coaching: we help individuals explore what factors motivate and support them in overcoming the barriers that hold them back. Our team of Performance Coaches, who work in industry and education, support and challenge to facilitate goal setting, self-assessment and self-reflection, in addition to supporting an individual’s transition back into education or employment following their involvement with the preparation programme.
  • Performance psychology: we apply the psychological principles of human performance through mind management methods. This is complemented by performance profiling as a method for supporting individuals in helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses to address and accelerate performance in the upper range of their capabilities.
  • Physiological well-being: health and nutrition are the key to aid sustained peak performances. We apply the approaches used to prepare athletes for competition; supplemented by physiotherapy which supports an individual’s overall performance.

2. Technical Skills Development

Our team of Training Managers, who work in industry and education, develop a programme for each skill that is both challenging and stretching for individuals, meeting the standards required for international competitions.  Performance is reviewed regularly, with feedback and evaluation central to each individuals’ acceleration and growth.  

The training and assessment programme is delivered over several phases over 18 months and consists of:

  • Assessment of core competences: assessing knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • Bench marking: measuring an individual’s performance against global vocational standards at regular intervals throughout the duration of the 18-month preparation programme.
  • Pressure tests: simulating a live competitive environment operated under similar conditions likened to the international competition; this includes competing alongside peers, against a standard often outside of the United Kingdom.
  • Milestones assessments: combination of formative and end point assessments which are carried out during and at the end of each phase of the training programme; providing an opportunity for feedback, review and development for the individual and Training Manager.