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Good people in a flawed system: the challenges of mainstreaming excellence in technical education

WorldSkills UK has launched a brand-new report into how WorldSkills UK Training Managers can use their knowledge and experience to enhance UK skills systems.

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Written in conjunction with the Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) research centre at the University of Oxford, the report focuses on mainstreaming WorldSkills methodologies to achieve world-class standards in the Further Education (FE) sector.

How, if at all, does the knowledge and skills developed by Training Managers during their WorldSkills UK experience transfer to pedagogical leadership in their day-to-day teaching roles?

Key recommendations

This piece of research work on mainstreaming excellence from WorldSkills to further education environments brings to the fore a number of issues. The following recommendations are offered as a way to better marry the different environments to develop a system-wide approach:

  • Incorporate some WorldSkills-specific time to curricula development and team planning to utilise Training Managers’ expertise.
  • Further Education institutions could allocate WorldSkills-specific budgets for Training

  • Managers in further education to allow them to exercise their experience.

  • WorldSkills UK could work closely with the senior management teams at each of the institutions where a Training Manager is employed to ensure they understand the Training Manager job role and requirements. 
  • Ensure that colleges and PTPs (where suitable), especially those that are not currently involved in WorldSkills UK Competitions, are part of a regional cluster to promote and develop WorldSkills UK opportunities. This is especially important in terms of developing curricula and CPD opportunities to be to disseminate best practice, knowledge and skill.

  • WorldSkills UK could work with the awarding bodies to ensure training managers, given their unique positions, are involved in the development of awarding body qualifications. 
  • WorldSkills UK and Training Managers could work with their individual institutions to develop formal strategies and methods for succession planning. 
  • Building on the Training Manager success and working with them, WorldSkills UK needs to develop an approach and strategy that allows for more ready mainstreaming of WorldSkills excellence into Further Education.

  • WorldSkills UK should promote the recommendations in the Augar report wherever possible.

Download the report

Download the report (spread)


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