WorldSkills UK Competitions are proven to help young people hone not only their technical skills but also the employability skills that employers value. As part of his apprenticeship Jeevan competed in our Industrial Control Competition in 2018 and knew from the start what the benefits would be:

I saw it as a good opportunity to learn new skills and put myself out there. Another reason was seeing previous WorldSkills UK competitors being successful and going into the roles they wanted.

Jeevan found it wasn’t just his technical skills that improved, “I wasn’t really a confident person before. It made me break the ice and work in a new team completely.” The ability to develop transferable skills has helped him become more agile in the workplace and boost the contribution he is able to make.

Manager Zeek was quick to see what the benefits were for both Jeevan and the team. “As a result of the WorldSkills UK Industrial Control Competition Jeevan became more confident in his role and a lot more dedicated, it helped him no end. He’s been able to rectify faults and drive down our work in progress, helping us with workload management and completing jobs in a more timely manner.

83% competitors said taking part in our competitions improved their confidence and 84% claimed it improved their resilience. Jeevan has found that the competition training has helped him change his own perspective on his work. “The training that WorldSkills UK put me through was really good and I enjoyed it. When I go into jobs, I take a different approach sometimes and I like to take a step back and look at it from a different angle. So, it’s given me a new way of thinking and made me strive for excellence at work on a day to day basis.”

His manager is convinced of the value of taking part, “Since he’s entered the competition and the changes we’ve seen in Jeevan as a result, I would recommend WorldSkills UK Competitions to all employers out there. It’s made such a difference to the team, myself and Jeevan.”


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