Linzi is the WorldSkills UK Training Manager for hairdressing and Salon Director at Reds Hair Company. She uses her insight into international hairdressing standards to develop her own business and keep her staff at the cutting edge of the trade.

After competing at WorldSkills Calgary in 2009, Linzi knew she wanted to take her involvement with WorldSkills UK even further.

She decided to help young competitors learn the skills that had helped her progress in her career. She enjoys working with young people who are passionate about hairdressing, helping them to grow and learn through WorldSkills UK Competition training.

She is currently training squad members for international competition – who are undergoing a rigorous training programme that includes technical and soft skills – and helping them get ready to face the world’s top young hairdressers.

As a Training Manager, Linzi benefits from this world-class training to help develop her own business. In supporting her competitors through events such as EuroSkills Budapest 2018 and WorldSkills Kazan 2019, Linzi is tuned in to the latest trends and developments from across the globe.

“As Salon Director at Red Hairs Company, being involved in international competitions helps me to stay at the top of my game as I get to learn about techniques and styles from around the world which I can then use at work.”

worldskills uk live exhibition

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