Richard Hutchins is a big fan of the Skills Development Hub in terms of content and usability. “Seeing the WorldSkills logo, I knew it was going to be pretty decent, with good engineering practices and competitions. When I saw it, I knew we were going to definitely use it.

I think it’s really good. There’s plenty of content there. It’s nice and easy, usable and quite workable. I think it’s a fantastic idea, absolutely brilliant.

Keen to get on with using the Hub, Richard wanted to investigate first to see how useful it could be, he says, “I’ve been reviewing the resources and seeing how they could work for the students. I’ve already completed one module on light vehicle mechanics and it was very, very good.”

Photo of mechanic using computer to diagnose issues under the hood of the car

The way the simulator works and the way that you’re able to get your toolbox, and different tools and things up, I think it’s a really good tool for colleges. It’s useful for when you’ve got a class in front of you, especially with apprentices, but also when they’re revising for exams. This flexibility can benefit both the students using the Hub and those who need more tutor time. Richard says, “I like that you can use the Hub to support some students with self-directed work, whilst spending time with two or three others in a group at the same time.”

Richard is impressed by the amount and quality of resource available on the Hub and how engaging it is, “The Hub content is relevant, fresh and is a new approach. I think it’s really, really good.” It’s no surprise then that Richard would be happy to recommend the Hub to colleagues, “I think it’s important that something like this is widely available, as some training providers offer expensive online packages. The Hub is online and it’s a ready-made toolbox, it’s all very well thought through and the automotive resources actually link into the new apprenticeship standards. I think it could be the start of a very, very powerful tool.”


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