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Hannah from Moreton Morrell College has been selected to represent the UK on the international stage in Floristry. Read her story.

Growing up Hannah Beckley suffered with her speech and worked with a speech therapist for twelve years. It takes commitment and determination to overcome such a difficulty, but Hannah won through. “Thanks to her my speech is pretty much perfect apart from some moments now and again.”

Hannah’s mum encouraged her to join a florist shop for work experience when she was fifteen. “By the time I was sixteen, the work experience drove me to take floristry at Moreton Morrell College. There she was introduced to WorldSkills UK Competitions. “The floristry department likes to get as many floristry students to take part, as my tutor knows what a great opportunity it is if you get through. The best part so far has been meeting other talented, lovely, hard-working people, face to face and on Zoom calls.”

The biggest challenge for Hannah is not just competing but in coping with training in the middle of the COVID0-19 pandemic. “As it’s all over Zoom calls, while making something and you just can’t get it right, sometimes you need the trainer present to physically show you where you’re going wrong. We overcame this by a series of videos of trainer demonstrations.”

Hannah competed in 2019 in the WorldSkills UK National Finals held at the NEC Birmingham and watched by thousands of spectators. She feels that competing has taught her a lot and not just technical skills. “I have learned to always push yourself for more, to practise as much as possible and to do your absolute best. Also, I’m seeing things in so much more detail in everything and thinking more outside the box to create new pieces.”

Hannah thinks more young people would benefit from entering WorldSkills UK Competitions and says, “Do it!!! It’s a great opportunity and don’t hesitate.”

Asked how she feels to be selected for Team UK Hannah says, “I’m completely shocked and over the moon! I’m so happy.” About the intensive training that is part of the preparation for international competition Hannah says, I’m looking forward to working together with other competitors, meeting face to face and building those bonds.” As far as her technical skills go, Hannah believes she’s in a great position:

“I think my skills will massively improve with more training and through competing internationally. In the future I’d like to help people who want to be in my place.”

James Birch, Hannah’s Manager at Silver Birch Bouquets in Evesham says: “Hannah has a strong creative side and is good at putting colours together to get stunning results. She thinks outside the box and gets excited if she gets the chance to work with unusual materials.” He adds, “I think competing has helped Hannah become more confident and enthusiastic.”

Hannah has ambitions outside of competing that hopefully will take her far. “I would love to do design for fashion shows. Or to have my own business.” She wants all young people to have the start in life that suits them best. “Choosing university is great but so is choosing a college course and apprenticeship, as you’re gaining the experience as you go along. If you’re a kinaesthetic learner (someone who learns best through experiencing physical activity), then that’s the best route to choose.”

EuroSkills Graz is currently postponed due to COVID-19.

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