Since competing as part of Team UK in EuroSkills Lille 2014, Calum has joined the WorldSkills UK team as the Training Manager for Mechatronics. He supports current Team UK members and ensures this world-class training also enhances his career.

Calum jumped at the chance to get involved with training competitors once his time competing came to an end, sharing his experiences and learning with the next generation of competitors.

For WorldSkills Kazan 2019 he trained Team UK Mechatronics competitors, Danny and Jack. This involved fortnightly training session that were carefully designed and prepared with Calum’s previous competition experience in mind.

Learning from international experts

Keeping his competitors up to standard involves being at the cutting edge of his field, and he works with WorldSkills colleagues internationally to ensure he delivers world-class training. As well as helping his young competitors reach international standard, Calum uses his knowledge and insight to help shape his career and develop his own skills even further. Calum fits his work with WorldSkills UK around his day job at Festo Didactic Services Ltd, who have been incredibly supportive of his role as Training Manager.

“Being involved with WorldSkills UK is addictive,” he says. “There is no better feeling to working with Team UK members as they are so passionate about their skill. You know the training they are completing for competition, and they will take this back to their workplace to help their businesses grow as well.”

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