We spoke to Judy Dawson at Arthur Mellows to find out why she brings pupils to WorldSkills UK LIVE.

What stood out from last year’s event?

It is very interesting. We had a lot of students that were interested in the apprenticeship side and a bit of hands-on.

Which activities were popular among your pupils?

The vehicle repair and construction.

How does WorldSkills UK LIVE compare with other events?

WorldSkills is always the best one because it’s the largest. We have a local one here and our own careers fair that we host in this school. There is a skills show here which is very, very good but that’s more connected with the local employers. We try and give them the widest range of choices they can have.

Does WorldSkills UK LIVE give your pupils a wide a range of options?

Yes, it does. Students enjoy the trip out and always come back with something to say. They like the idea of wearing the wristbands so people know where they’ve been.

How do you feel the event helps the pupils?

The ones that know what they want to do head straight for where they need to go, and it just confirms what they want. I think it does a lot of good for the ones that are undecided as well. It opens their eyes and their minds to things. The fact that the military is there helps to change perceptions.

Did last year’s event change any of your students’ thoughts and attitudes about their future careers?

Yes, I think it did. It was an eye-opener for a couple of our more vulnerable students because they said they didn’t realise they had so many options. We try and give them the broadest outlook we can.


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