We’re working with FE colleges to deliver our new ‘Inclusivity in Excellence’ programme. The pilot will inspire young people, from all backgrounds, to get involved with our skills development competition programmes to help give them the best start in work and life.

We are initially working with four colleges as part of the initiative: Barking and Dagenham College, Dudley College of Technology, Oldham College and South Staffordshire College. We will be working collaboratively with the colleges to encourage students from under-represented groups to engage with our skills development programmes. This includes female students in typically male-dominated sectors, students from BAME backgrounds and students identifying as LGBT+.

To help inspire students, we will be working with colleges on how they can embed competition activity in the curriculum and how they can encourage their students to take part by holding special ‘Competition Weeks’ ahead of competition registration. Colleges will also be helping us to shape our skills competition resources to make sure they are as inclusive and accessible for young people as possible.

Dee Aylett-Smith, Head of National Competitions and Careers, WorldSkills UK said:

“We are very proud to be working collaboratively with colleges on our new Inclusivity in Excellence pilot. At WorldSkills UK we are committed to challenging stereotypes through the promotion of representative role models to show young people from different backgrounds that they can achieve their career goals.

“Our skills development programmes help young people develop their skills set and mindset to ever higher standards so they can reach their potential. Through a more inclusive approach to our work, we’re helping as many young people as possible get the best start in work in life.”

This positive action programme has been developed in response to the ‘Championing Difference for a Better Workforce’ research report by The Social Innovation Partnership and aims to address and remove the barriers and challenges identified through the research.

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