We are experiencing a significant period of transformation with the adoption of automation and smart technologies in business and everyday life. If the UK embraces Industry 4.0, the effect could be as profound as providing a clear path to sustainable productivity improvements of between 5-8%. This would help boost long-term competitiveness and reverse the current productivity gap compared with the rest of the G71. Such change also has the potential to dramatically impact the nature of work for current and future employees.

This leaves us two challenges: how to develop the right skills, and how to change talent development to harness these productivity gains.

As a convening platform for the debate on technology, productivity and skills development, WorldSkills UK hosted a Tech Summit with key partners. The summit took place in November 2018 at WorldSkills UK LIVE, the UK’s largest skills and careers event. It involved the people who will be directly impacted by this transformation: young people, parents, educators, governments and businesses from across the UK.

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