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For colleges and training providers

WorldSkills UK Competitions equip apprentices and students with the world-class skills needed to transform their careers, providing colleges and independent training providers with a proven method to achieve real results for young people of all abilities.

Download our case studies: The Case for Skills Competitions: Colleges

By entering your apprentices and students into WorldSkills UK Competitions, you will:

  • Demonstrate to OFSTED you are meeting the common inspection standards by using competition activity to deliver high quality training and assessments.
  • Support the teaching of functional skills through competition activity.
  • Develop your apprentices’ and students’ employability skills using real life work scenarios.
  • Work with employers to access the Apprenticeship levy to support apprentices’ involvement in competition activity.
  • Develop a curriculum which meets apprenticeship standards.

Skills Competitions are a great way to motivate colleges and students to strive for excellence and to improve quality of learning. The coaching approach used to support competitors helps engage students in new ways which enhance the learning experience. That’s why the AoC is a strong supporter of and partner to WorldSkills UK.

David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges

A successful apprentice in a skills competition is not just a matter of prestige, it brings tangible business benefits too. That is why the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) wants to see more employers and training providers support their apprentices in entering competitions.

Mark Dawes, CEO, AELP