of previous entrants say they improved their technical skills after taking part


said they improved their personal and employability skills


said they can apply the skills they developed to their education, work or other parts of their life


of average earnings of those who have participated in WorldSkills UK’s competition development programmes have higher than those of a comparable per group.

Our tools, developed by our Competition Organising Partners in industry and education, provide solution- based outcomes to help train and prepare for skills competitions. We recognise that the best vocational learning is hands-on, practical, experiential, and related to the real world. It must also involve feedback, questioning, application and reflection. We believe that our competitions can help to deliver all of these aspects.

Pre-competition activities

Explore the tools associated with each skills competition by navigating to the respective sections. Access the pre-competition activity pack for download to enhance your preparation. For additional resources, be sure to check out the WorldSkills UK Learning Lab.

Competition Preparation

Prepare students and apprentices for WorldSkills UK Competitions by engaging in pre-competition activities. Access free resources, mindset masterclasses, and skills assessment tools on the WorldSkills UK Learning Lab. Explore the option of organising inter and intra-college competitions for enhanced skill development.

How to use our pre-competition activities

Select the skills competitions for your apprentices or students and review the entry criteria and competition stages. Download the pre-competition activity pack and integrate its materials into your teaching plans. Consider the infrastructure needs and collaborate with local partners for resources. Use the pre-competition activity to enhance teaching, creating a dynamic learning environment for staff and students.

Taking it to the next level

There are numerous benefits of running inter-organisational competitions. They:

  • enable students and apprentices to test their skills against those of their peers before they reach WorldSkills UK National Qualifiers (heats)

  • enable tutors/mentors to assess the strengths and development needs of their students and apprentices compared with those in other organisations

  • promote networking between students and apprentices

  • provide an opportunity to invite stakeholders to your event

  • allow greater opportunity for marketing and promotion of careers and competitions activity

  • promote inter-organisational relationships and networking.

Top tips

  • Ensure students and apprentices grasp the marking scheme beforehand for a clear understanding of performance standards.
  • Provide realistic tasks with appropriate support, equipment, and materials.
  • Encourage self-reflection through self-assessment and questioning techniques.
  • Deliver high-quality, constructive feedback, pinpointing areas met and those needing improvement.
  • Celebrate the success of all participants as skills competitions inspire and motivate learners and staff.


Delivering pre-competition activity is an excellent way to improve standards of teaching and learning outcomes for students and apprentices, there are many other ways in which the talent of members of your organisation can be developed, such as:

A mentor can be an excellent way of helping apprentices and students to get a different perspective on the work that they are completing, and of giving them access to an experienced individual who can offer them expert advice and guidance.

Embedding competitiveness in everyday classroom, workshop or office activities can encourage those taking part to strive for excellence against their peers, which can have the effect of driving up standards.

Demonstrating that above average achievement is appreciated and valued can encourage a greater number of staff or young people to aim higher.

Up-skilling your workforce with focused training in their vocational area can lead to a greater depth of understanding of the skill in general

Focusing attention on the softer skills surrounding technical abilities may lead to a greater understanding of personal strengths and areas for development and can lead to enhanced employability skills.

By encouraging students and apprentices to work to a professional, high standard early on in their careers, they will foster attitudes that will lead to a higher level of attainment and improved outcomes for themselves, their college or learning provider and ultimately, their employer.

Get in touch with us for further support on how to run WorldSkills UK pre-competition activity at: competitions@worldskillsuk.org

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