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WorldSkills UK Pledge: Inspiring a New Generation in Wales


Skills give young people the opportunity to flourish.

That’s why at WorldSkills UK, we believe more young people would benefit from apprenticeships and technical training.

We organise competitions to develop and test young people’s skills to world-class standards, which the Welsh economy needs if it is to remain competitive now and in the years ahead. We work with employers, colleges, training providers and young people to showcase Wales's next generation of talent. 

Elijah Sumner (Wales) won a Medallion of Excellence at WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015 in Automotive Technology

By signing the WorldSkills UK Pledge you are supporting work to help more young people develop the skills they need for work and life, help employers be more competitive and help drive up standards across the workforce. 

Together we can work to:

  • Inspire young people to think about their options by delivering tailored experiential careers events and skills competitions
  • Promote apprenticeships by engaging our Skills Champions – who are all successful past competitors – as role models to demonstrate the benefits of vocational careers
  • Increase diversity and inclusion by encouraging all young people, whatever their background, to take part in skills competitions to boost their career prospects

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