Integral to our assessment of value for money in all sourcing and procurement of goods or services, we consider the alignment of potential suppliers’ values and ethics with our own. We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our organisation, and across all our projects and programme. We recognise that a diverse supplier base is integral to the organisation’s achievement of our diversity and inclusion strategic objectives, and building and maintaining a community of diverse suppliers increases our opportunity to hear new ideas, apply different approaches, deliver innovation, and continue to deliver our world-class competitions programme.

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Current tenders

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Skills competition attrition research

The aim of the study is to decipher trends in attrition of all registrants across all skills competitions as well as any additional trends relating to individuals from underrepresented groups in particular; Black and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, females in underrepresented sectors, SEND learners and individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Further to the findings we wish to have recommendations for measures to address and reduce attrition rates moving forward. WorldSkills UK would like to commission a third party to build on our current data analysis through quantitative surveys, with an element of qualitative study through focus groups, of attrition rates of WorldSkills UK skills competitions.


In order to achieve the best possible value, WorldSkills UK is committed to:

  • building cost reductions into contractual agreements

  • pursuing savings and discounts at all times

  • undertaking competitive tendering wherever possible

  • choosing effective and innovative methods of provision

  • evaluating suppliers experience, financials and management

  • setting clear deliverables, KPIs, timescales and outcomes

  • developing robust evaluation criteria and contract management

  • converting existing suppliers into value-in-kind partnerships

  • securing efficient and effective services during COVID-19

  • maintaining and upgrading assets whilst reducing obsolescence

  • continually improving procurement models and processes

  • ethical and environmentally sustainable procurement

  • working with a diverse range of suppliers from all backgrounds

  • robust spend management and an emphasis on accountability

  • tiered levels of authorisation and delegated responsibility

  • strenuous prevention of fraud, corruption, theft and bribery

  • fostering honesty, safeguarding, whistleblowing and integrity

  • accuracy, transparency and objectivity, free of personal interest

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