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Ruben from Manmoel, Wales, is aiming to add to his WorldSkills medal collection. Having received a gold medal in the WorldSkills UK national finals in 2021 and a bronze medal at EuroSkills 2023, he now has his sights set on his third medal at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. 

With a family background in plumbing, Ruben embarked on an apprenticeship at Coleg Y Cymedd while working at the family’s company, Powerserv LTD, refining his skills to become the best.  

When asked what it means to be selected for Team UK, Ruben expressed, “It means everything to me. My whole life revolves around it now. Not just mine, but also my mum and dad’s, as I get to represent our family company. So, my entire family is super proud, and it means a lot to us all.” 

Regarding his preparation for WorldSkills Lyon, Ruben emphasised the importance of training, training, and more training—whether with his training manager, college lecturer, or on his own. Ruben is also heading to Germany in June for training at the headquarters of GROHE, the main sponsor for the plumbing and heating competition.  

Ruben acknowledged the challenge of balancing training, work, and personal life, admitting it’s something he hasn’t always gotten right. However, when something means so much, it’s hard to switch off.  

Reflecting on his experience with WorldSkills UK, Ruben noted how it has significantly benefitted his career, helping him become more accurate in his physical work and learn to handle pressure and manage time effectively. 

When asked what he’s most looking forward to at WorldSkills Lyon 2024, Ruben expressed excitement about the competitive environment, relishing the opportunity to showcase his skills. “I thrive in that environment,” he added. 

Ruben concluded by wholeheartedly recommending WorldSkills UK, sharing how he didn’t realise his potential in competitions or how much he would enjoy them until he gave it a try. 

Finally, when asked about his career goals, Ruben simply stated, “To be the best plumber I can be.” 

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