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Meet Oska, a passionate chef from Doncaster who has always been drawn to the kitchen from a young age. Growing up with grandparents who were chefs, Oska spent countless hours with them, igniting his love for cooking and setting him on a path to pursue it as a career.

For Oska, becoming a chef was more than just a profession – it was a passionate pursuit. Despite the long hours and demanding nature of the industry, he embraced it wholeheartedly, stepping out of his comfort zone to pursue his passion. Reflecting on his journey, Oska said, “From a young age, I knew that cooking was my true calling, and I was determined to make my mark in the culinary world.”

His journey with WorldSkills UK began in his third year of DN College Group when his tutor introduced him to the competition. Oska competed in regionals at college, advanced to the national finals, and earned a bronze medal. This success propelled him into the squad. Looking back on this achievement, Oska said, “Getting into Squad UK marked a significant milestone in my culinary career.”

Being selected to represent his country at WorldSkills Lyon was a dream come true for Oska. He shared, “I was left speechless when I found out, but it has made me more determined to give it my all on the world stage.” When asked about the support from home, Oska said, “My family and employer have rallied behind me throughout my whole journey, providing unwavering support every step of the way. They were very happy for me being selected for the team, especially since cooking is rooted in our family. I feel a deep sense of pride in carrying on the tradition.”

When we asked Oska how he is preparing for the WorldSkills Lyon competition, he said, “I’m doing many training sessions and participating in several chef competitions, which are filling my time between now and September.” Oska also mentioned facing challenges along the way, stating, “I felt intense pressure during the final team selection weekend, as I knew this was my last chance to impress. I really wanted to make it, but it only fuelled my determination to succeed.”

Oska acknowledges the profound impact WorldSkills UK has had on his career and personal growth. Oska said “The knowledge I have gained, the friendships and the confidence which I gained has just transformed me into a better chef and a more resilient individual.” Beyond the competition, Oska envisions a future where he can share his culinary creations with the world, exploring different cuisines and cultures along the way.

For Oska, the experience of representing the UK at WorldSkills Lyon goes beyond the competition itself. It’s about camaraderie, growth, and the thrill of showcasing his talents on a global stage. Through it all, Oska remains grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the unforgettable memories made, both in and out of the kitchen.

Oska shared his thoughts on why young people should get involved with WorldSkills UK: “I highly recommend getting involved with WorldSkills UK. The competitions offer unique challenges that differ from real-world scenarios, allowing you to learn so much more. It not only helps you excel in your industry but also enhances personal development.”

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