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Mikhaela Rain Roy is building the World a better brighter future, and helping her new country, the UK, prosper in the global marketplace. 

The 23-year-old, who lives in Hackney, London, is one of the country’s leading young experts in the industrial automation sector. 

Being selected for Team UK, in the skill known as Industry 4.0, bears particular significance for Mikhaela who was born in the Philippines and spent much of her life living in Saudi Arabia. 

“I am so proud to be representing the UK. I only came here with my family a few years ago and I love the lifestyle.”  

Industry 4.0 merges some of the emerging technologies from the Industrial automation field, including interactive dashboard development, cybersecurity, smart sensors or preventive maintenance. 

On arrival in the UK, Mikhaela studied at Middlesex University and graduated with a BEng Hons Mechatronics.  

“Working with WorldSkills UK, and training at this level, has helped me in so many ways. Working within a team has greatly enhanced my ability to work within a tight knit group, and opened my eyes to what is achievable. 

“We know our relative strengths and weaknesses and can focus on optimising our time and support each other to get the best results.” 

Mikhaela has ambition to start her own business in the years to come. 

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